Covid a year later, between vaccines and messages of trust

by time news – Touched, together with the figure of 100,000 dead, one year from the dpcm Conte ‘I stay at home’ which put Italy in front of the lockdown as a barrier to the drama of the pandemic, it is now the Draghi government that is preparing for a turning point which suggests new measures with greater tightening at the national level, not only at the territorial level.

The hold of the weekend

The hypothesis, for example, of tightening the shirts on weekends it could arrive, say majority parliamentary sources, just on the eve of this weekend. Decisions that, it is easy to predict, are held together with the procurement and distribution of vaccines, issues discussed yesterday by the Prime Minister with the Ministers of Health, Hope, and Regional Affairs, Gelmini, together with the extraordinary Commissioner for the emergency, Figliuolo, and to the head of civil protection, Curcio. A meeting that was preceded by another long summit between government and technicians. IS new summits are expected for today.

The way out

Time, therefore, for work in the field but also for reflections on the progress made and stimuli for what remains to be done. The Prime Minister yesterday wanted to send a message of confidence, released at the opening of the Women’s Day Conference. “With vaccines, the way out is not far off”, said Draghi: “Our task, and I am referring to all institutional levels, is to safeguard the lives of Italians by any means and allow a return to normal as soon as possible. Every life counts. Don’t waste a moment, leave no stone unturned, make thoughtful but quick choices, “he added.

The promises of Draghi

“I do not want to promise anything that is not truly achievable. My concerns are your concerns. My constant thought is directed at making the executive’s action in protecting health effective and efficient, support those in difficulty, promote economic recovery, accelerate the reforms “, still the words of Draghi.

Mattarella gets vaccinated

Today, however, the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, will be vaccinated to Spallanzani, according to the timing indicated by the Region.

In his speech at the end of the year, the Head of State had defined vaccination as a duty announcing that he would discharge it “as soon as possible, after the categories which, being at higher risk, must take precedence”. Last Saturday Mattarella visited the Nuvola vaccination center in Rome and thanked the health workers for an essential commitment: “We’ll make it,” he said.


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