Covid, Adriano Galliani: “I was afraid of dying. I was in intensive care and ..”

Covid, Adriano Galliani: “I was afraid of dying. I lost ten kilos”

Adriano Galliani tells his experience Covid. L’CEO of Monza has passed very difficult days: “I was afraid of dying, I lost 10 kilos. I understood that the most important thing in life is health”, said the former executive of the Milan out ofSan Raffaele hospital after being hospitalized for coronavirus.


“I was in intensive care from 7 to 17 March. I didn’t see anything, I had only a wall in front of me. It wasn’t a health walk, but I want to thank the wonderful nurses, doctors” the words of Adriano Galliani to the Corriere della Sera. “Who was closest to me? Silvio Berlusconi and my family. The president wrote to me constantly, showed me his affection, was worried about me “added Galliani, who has now returned to his home in Milan.” With Pierferdinando Casini, which had Covid like me, we have made an official commitment: we will go to the Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca. We’ll go there to pray. “He missed football and his Monza but he didn’t see any matches.” I was anxious that during a match they could talk about deaths, about the pandemic. “


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