Covid, Almawave brings Artificial Intelligence in the fight against the pandemic

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Almawave’s Artificial Intelligence takes the field at the service of Health in the fight against Covid-19. Citizens and doctors of the Municipality of Offagna, in the province of Ancona, are in fact the protagonists of a scientific study and a pilot clinical trial to analyze the patient’s clinical parameters in real time. The trial will last a total of 6 months, but will immediately provide useful results for doctors and researchers. “The AI ​​is a strategic ally of patients and doctors in the fight against the pandemic ” underlines the CEO of Almawave, Valeria Sandei. The leading Italian company in Artificial Intelligence, natural language analysis and Big Data services, in fact today presented RicovAi-19, a project launched in recent weeks in the municipal area of ​​Offagna thanks to collaboration between Hospitals of Ancona, Polytechnic University of Marche, Asur Marche and the companies Vivisol and Aditech. Almawave explains that this is a pilot feasibility study – interventional non-pharmacological – and a clinical trial in which Artificial Intelligence concretely supports, at multiple levels, patients, doctors and hospitals in the complex challenge of combating the pandemic from Covid-19 and in perspective applicable to the diagnosis and prognosis of other and different pathologies.

Ai technologies developed for this project by Almawave “allow to analyze in real time multiple clinical parameters of the positive user or with Covid symptoms (body temperature, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and respiratory rate), to calculate the so-called Clinical Stability Indicator and to transmit the results promptly to doctors. The latter, remotely, will carry out all subsequent evaluations, diagnosis and prescription of any treatments and initiatives suitable for the management of each case “. thanks to a portable device paired with a mobile phone and a dedicated app. “After years of commitment, research and investments in advanced technologies to be applied also to the healthcare sector, we are satisfied to be able to be a fundamental part of a concrete pilot clinical trial like RicovAI19” added the top manager.

“The side-by-side work between our technicians and a health professional like Professor Marco Mazzanti, Scientific Director of the Firm, has made it possible – Sande said – to develop an innovative system, capable of perfectly integrating the evolution of the scientific and technological world with the needs of local healthcare. In concrete terms, a sensor detects multiple values ​​of the symptomatic patient, such as body temperature, blood pressure, oxygen saturation: these are communicated to a special app “. Sandei explained that” Almawave’s Ai engine, in real time , interprets all data and information, calculating the clinical stability indicator and making it available to doctors, who will be responsible for clinical and therapeutic actions and assessments based on the needs of each individual patient “. The project foresees the participation by the inhabitants of Offagna in RicovAI-19. Citizens of age, on the recommendation of their doctor, they will be able to receive the instruments (so-called Multiparameter Devices) for autonomous monitoring – and from home – by going to a room made available by the Municipality. Here an explanation on the use of the app is guaranteed with the relative sending of the results of a first ‘test’ monitoring to the system for processing Almawave. The practice, of course, clarifies Almawave will be such in the event that the patient’s clinical condition does not require different urgencies. The initiative has already received specific authorization from the Ethics Committee of Ospedali Riuniti di Ancona.

“One of the objectives of the pilot scientific study is to monitor the appropriateness of hospital access, so that it occurs only when it is necessary, in addition of course to understanding how much Artificial Intelligence can be useful in monitoring the state of health of patients “explained Marco Mazzanti, Scientific Director of RicovAI-19, already at the forefront of the wards of the Barts Heart Center hospitals in London and Gathered in Ancona and engaged on further fronts of implementation of Ai Health with Almawave.

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