Covid, at what point is the production of an all-Italian vaccine?

Italy on the subject of vaccines exists, has been and will be there“He said it Massimo Scaccabarozzi, president of Farmindustria, speaking at Life Sciences Pharma & Biotech Summit organized by Sole 24 Ore. “There are already Italian companies involved in the production of vaccines – said Scaccabarozzi – but it should be remembered that the production times of new vaccines are not very fast, to get to the production of a vaccine from the installation of a plant it can take 4 -6 months but in some cases even 12 because we are talking about biological products, not chemical ones “. The goal for the Italian pharmaceutical industry is now to be involved in the initial stages of vaccine production as well as to be ready for the production of new vaccines in addition to those already approved. considering that out of 290 experimental tests only 4 have so far led to the approval of the preparation. “We have excellences that produce bacterial vaccines – added Scaccabarozzi – and in recent months we have been scouting to detect the availability of machinery”. Scaccabarozzi also underlined the importance of the ongoing collaboration between the Mise and the companies in the sector. “I have had confirmation from some companies that the talks with Mise have gone very well”. “The government is doing very well with the new rules on the production of new vaccines, with tax credits and other measures – he said – and I believe that from next year we will be able to reap the benefits of this work. important to do as it hardly happened in the past. Covid has shown how important collaboration is and we need to continue on this path “.

“The production of vaccines is part of international chains, both in terms of research and experimentation. We aim to bring part of these increasingly important production chains to Italy both in terms of health safety and economic impact” . Thus Giovanni Tria, former minister of economy and finance and economic advisor of the Mise for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector.

The government is negotiating to bring increasingly important phases in the production of Ema-approved vaccines to Italy – said Tria – and to negotiate the production in Italy of other vaccines in the medium and long term because this is a sector that is constantly updated. Italy is strong from this point of view but it must be taken into account that there is a competition between the various states to attract part of these productions to their territory. We work in this direction by collaborating with the pharmaceutical industry. At the moment in Italy some final phases are carried out, such as the filling process, but the goal is to play an important role also in the upstream phases, also in research and development. “The important thing, concluded Tria, is to work both from a short-term perspective, with an eye to 2022 but also from a long-term perspective, over 5-10 years, in which continuity in government action on this front will be essential.


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