Covid, “Balearics no longer at risk”. And German tourists invade the islands-

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Three hundred air flights that sold out within a few hours; reservations that in some cases were double compared to 2019, was pre-Covid. it was enough for the German authorities to restore the green light to travel to the Balearic Islands to trigger a mass flight of German tourists to one of their favorite destinations. All with the coincidence of the Easter holidays. A boom that has induced the Berlin government to partially retrace its steps and to underline that the fall of the ban is not equivalent to an invitation to travel. But in the last few hours the desire to get out of the rigid lockdown in which Germany has been dealing since before Christmas has prevailed over the calls for caution.

Balearics: 19 cases per 100,000 inhabitants

The race to the sea after the German health ministry declared the Balearics and other areas of Spain safe from the point of view of the pandemic; translated into practice it means that, who will go to Mallorca, Ibiza or Formentera on vacation, on returning home will not have to observe the mandatory quarantine period. The return of tourists made possible by the state of grace is for every 100,000 inhabitants, among the lowest in the entire continent.

The British are also on the way

Tour operators and airlines have seized the ball and have increased their offer in view of the Easter period. Eurowings, the low cost airline of the Lufthansa giant announced that it had set up 300 additional connections to Mallorca whose reservations were burned in a very short time. Tui, another carrier that connects German airports with Spanish ones, recorded double requests compared to the same period of 2019 while Easyjet that connects Berlin with the Balearics announces a triumphant + 446% compared to a year ago. For Spain it could only be the appetizer since on 17 May also Great Britain – their traditional market area – will drop the travel bans.

No to unnecessary travel

Such a frenzy has alarmed and forced the ministers of Angela Merkel to run for cover. The first to move was Maria Adebahr, spokesperson for the foreign department according to which the absence of bans does not equal an invitation to travel. Yesterday it was Steffen Siebert, spokesman for the Chancellor himself, to pronounce his altol: The appeal to give up any kind of unnecessary travel he declared at a press conference.

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