Covid, Calopreste: “The closure of the cinemas could perhaps have been avoided”

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“We applied all the rules and there were no problems” – Ansa /Courier TV

“It is terrible what is happening, obviously the closure of the cinemas creates a series of other problems, the films are made to go to the cinema, we need an audience, people in flesh and blood. I am director of Cinema Aquila and we respected everyone. the rules. It is a sad moment beyond the virus because you take away a place of culture, I cannot imagine a city without a cinema. It is hard. Many cinemas have restarted with great efforts, also thinking not to earn but to give a message , to further incentivize investments. I do not know if there was a better choice, health is obviously important and we must do everything to stop the pandemic but until now in our sector things had gone well so applying the rules in a strict way perhaps this closure could have been avoided. It seems to me that more than anything else we want to send the message to people not to let it out “. This is the comment of the director and now also artistic director of Cinema Aquila, Mimmo Calopreste.


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