Covid: can children transmit the virus? It depends on the age group

The diffusion capacity varies according to age – Ansa /Courier TV

Children’s ability to transmit the coronavirus changes with age. This was revealed by a research that comes from South Korea, conducted by a team from the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Cheongju. According to Korean scholars up to the age of 9 children transmit the virus 50% less than adults. Between the ages of 10 and 19, however, they spread it more or less in the same way. These conclusions were reached by analyzing almost 6 thousand “index patients” and reconstructing their contacts, in all 60 thousand. In families with children aged 10 to 19, the detected infection rate was 18.6%. It dropped to 5.3% in households with children under the age of 9. To make the little ones less contagious would be two factors: the amount of air emitted while breathing and the height. They would emit less air with each breath than adults, thus spreading fewer viral particles. The emission of air closer to the ground would be less likely to be inhaled by a standing adult. Research shows limitations: the number of children who initiated the chain of transmission in families may have been underestimated. This would have been possible because they are less likely to experience symptoms than adults.



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