Covid, Cgia: with the crisis in 2021, the boom of illegal work in Italy

Following the ongoing economic crisis, the army of undeclared workers present in Italy is booming. The research office of the Cgia who remembers how the crisis has so far caused “a loss of about 450,000 jobs”.

With the closures of recent weeks, many of these unemployed “have been added many employees in the hotel and restaurant sector e as many fake hairdressers and beauticians who daily go to the homes of Italians to irregularly perform the most disparate services and performances “.

A number of invisibles difficult to quantify, for the institute, even if according to the latest data estimated a few years ago by Istat, so well before the advent of Covid-19, “there were many undeclared workers in Italy: about 3.2 million”. In the coming months, according to the CGIA, the situation is bound to get worse.

“With what release of layoffs expected first at the end of June, for those who work in SMEs and large companies, and subsequently in the autumn, for those who are employed in micro and very small companies, there is a danger that the number of unemployed will increase significantly. We are talking about those people who, failing to find a new job, will be forced to opt for irregular work or will improvise as squatters to supplement their meager family income “.

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