Covid, Fipe: “In 2020-21 up to 50 thousand bars and restaurants are at risk of bankruptcy”

“For the activities of public establishments, going from the red zone to the orange will change little, certainly for those in the yellow the transition is even more problematic”. This is what Lino Stoppani, president of Fipe-Confcommercio observes, interviewed by on the effects of the new restrictions for bars, restaurants, clubs and discos, which will start tomorrow with the passage in the red zone of 8 regions and the rest of Italy in orange , with the only exception of Sardinia which remains in the white zone. “But beyond the colors, the climate generated by health concerns certainly does not help consumption”. And in this regard, Stoppani recalls, Confcommercio has estimated the losses for the new closures at 15 billion euros. “We have been waiting for support for some time but we are on March 15 and we do not know when the next decree will come out. In the meantime, many companies are dying”. And after a 2020 that saw the closure of 15 thousand companies and the loss of 250 thousand workers in the sector, even for 2021 the representative of the category hypothesizes an even more dramatic scenario. “The forecast for 2021 is that another 35,000 will close and a total of -50,000 will be reached”.


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