Covid France, lockdown in Paris at midnight


A new lockdown in Paris is triggered at midnight to face the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. In a few hours, about 21 million people in 16 areas of the country will be subjected to new restrictive measures for a duration of 4 weeks. These will not be as severe as during the previous block, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced, pointing to the possibility for people to exercise outdoors as an example. However, he admitted that a “third wave” of infections in France appears to be increasingly likely, especially in light of the more than 35,000 new cases reported in the past 24 hours.

Particularly worrying is the situation in the capital, where 1,200 people are hospitalized in intensive care, a number higher than the peak of the second wave in November, Health Minister Olivier Vèran said.

Under the new measures, all non-essential activities will close, while schools and hairdressers will remain open who will observe “a particular health protocol”. You can leave the house only with self-certification, and you will be allowed to exercise outdoors within 10 kilometers of your home, but travel to other parts of the country is prohibited without a valid reason.

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal stressed that there will be further differences from the previous two lockdowns, and more details will soon be provided on which businesses can remain open or be forced to close.


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