Covid Gb, already vaccinated 30 million people

Nearly 30 million people (29 million and 700 thousand) have been vaccinated in Great Britain against Covid, with at least one dose, and 3.3 million have received both doses. In the last 24 hours, 4,715 new cases have been recorded (6,187 the previous day) and 58 people have died.

The vaccination campaign for ‘boosters’ will start in the United Kingdom from September to protect the population against new variants of the virus. This was announced by Nadhim Zahawi, the undersecretary in charge of the British vaccination campaign, explaining that the first doses of the boosters will be administered to the four priority groups: people aged 70 and over, health personnel engaged in the fight against Covid-19, the nursing home staff and people who are extremely frail from a medical point of view.

In an interview with the Telegraph, Zahawi announced that “the most likely date will be September” for the start of the administration of the recalls. By the autumn, he explained, the UK may already have eight different vaccines, with some of the production on British soil.

The government, according to what emerges from the media, is concerned by the risk that the success achieved so far by the vaccination campaign could be compromised by the entry into the country of new variants of the virus. For this reason, the Guardian reported, on Friday there was a summit to evaluate the expansion of the ‘red list’ of countries for which compulsory hotel self-isolation is required upon arrival on British soil.


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