Covid Gb, London has second thoughts: no to the Green pass

No green pass to access clubs and major events in England: the project to introduce the vaccination passport has been canceled. The announcement that the London government is backing down comes from the head of Health, Sajid Javid, at the BBC. “We don’t have to do things just for the fun of it,” he explained. The plan was due to be presented at the end of the month. The government has stressed that the plan will be kept ‘in reserve’ in case it becomes necessary with the arrival of the cold season. “I never liked the idea of ​​telling people to ‘show the papers’ to just carry out an ordinary, day-to-day business. We looked into this, I’m happy to say we won’t go ahead with the vaccine passport plan,” he adds. Javid.

The green pass in the Gb version provides that the citizen is vaccinated with 2 doses, results negative for a tampon or is cured and recovered from isolation after the positivity. The government’s slowdown was welcomed in particular by the bodies to which the discotheque and club sectors refer.


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