The infections of Covid in Great Britain slow down thanks to vaccines and today new announcements are expected on the next reopening. Boris Johnson is expected at 5pm (6pm in Italy) for a press conference in the new ‘media room’ in Downing Street. According to the previews of the British press, the premier is expected to announce the further relaxation of the restrictive measures and a series of new reopening in England, according to the roadmap drawn up in recent months and so far supported by the success of the vaccination campaign.

According to the provisions, starting from April 12 in England, all non-essential commercial establishments and outdoor bar and restaurant services could reopen. The premier is also expected to announce a series of news regarding the vaccination passport and the resumption of travel abroad, so far limited only to essential travel. Under the current roadmap, international travel is not expected to resume until May 17. According to advances, Johnson is expected to announce a new ‘color’ system, or ‘traffic light’, to indicate the foreign countries in which it will be allowed to go on vacation.

Each country will be assigned a color to determine whether or not British travelers will have to undergo a quarantine period on their return home. The color ‘green’ will mean that travelers will have to undergo anti-covid tests before departure and on return, but without the obligation of quarantine. For the ‘amber’ or red ‘countries, both tests and quarantine will be mandatory.

The colors to each foreign country will be assigned on the basis of the level of vaccinations carried out, the rate of infections, the presence of variants of the virus and the level of scientific reliability. Although the announced system will only apply to England, talks are underway between the UK and regional governments of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland for a joint adoption of the new criteria.

Today’s press conference, which will be preceded by a government meeting to be held in the late morning, falls exactly one year after Johnson was hospitalized after contracting the coronavirus.

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