Covid Italia today, Civil Protection and regional contagion bulletin 11 July

l Covid Italia bulletin today, Sunday 11 July 2021, updated with data and news from the Civil Protection and region by region on infections, hospitalizations, deaths. The point on vaccines in the country on alert with the Delta variant. The numbers on the coronavirus pandemic from Lombardy and Lazio, Veneto and Campania, Sardinia and Piedmont, Sicily and Puglia. The latest news from big cities like Rome, Milan and Naples. The data of the regions:


There are 250 new coronavirus positives recorded in the last 24 in Lombardy. According to data from the Ministry of Health, the swabs performed were 26,712. One person has died, bringing the total since the start of the pandemic to 33,799 deaths. There are 124 hospitalized with symptoms in hospitals in the region, three more than yesterday, while 37 people are hospitalized in the intensive care wards.


There are 47 coronavirus infections in Piedmont today, 11 July 2021, according to data from the region’s bulletin. No deaths have been recorded since yesterday. The new cases (of which 3 after antigenic tests) are equal to 0.5% of 9,408 swabs performed, of which 6,315 antigenic. Of the 47 positives, 24 were asymptomatic (51.1%).

The cases are divided as follows: 10 screenings, 29 case contacts, 8 with ongoing investigation; by area: 1 RSA / Social-Welfare Structures, 1 school, 45 general population.

There are 4 hospitalized in intensive care (+1 compared to yesterday). There are 63 inpatients not in intensive care (-1 compared to yesterday). There are 676 people in home isolation.


There are 125 new infections from Covid-19 registered today, 11 July, in Veneto, for a total number of 426,413 infected since the beginning of the epidemic. Zero deaths. This was reported by the regional bulletin. There is also a new death, which brings the total number of victims to 11,621. The data of intensive care, 16, date back, with 2 more hospitalizations than yesterday. The number of Covid patients in normal medical areas remained stable at 229. The currently positive cases are 5.008 (+95 in 24 hours), while the negativized are 409.784 (+29 in one day).


There are 93 coronavirus infections in Emilia Romagna today, 11 July 2021, according to data from the region’s bulletin. Since yesterday, no deaths have been recorded. Cases were detected on a total of 11,994 swabs performed in the last 24 hours. The percentage of new positives on the number of swabs made since yesterday is 0.8%.

Of the 93 newly infected, 20 are asymptomatic identified in the context of regional contact tracing and screening activities. Overall, among the new positives 23 were already in isolation at the time of the swab execution, 43 were identified within already known foci. The average age of new positives today is 32.3 years.

Of the 20 asymptomatic, 12 were identified thanks to contact tracing, another 2 through tests for risk categories introduced by the Region, 1 through serological screening. For another 5 cases, the epidemiological investigation is still ongoing.

There are 13 patients admitted to intensive care (the same number as yesterday), 150 those in the other Covid departments (-3). The active cases, that is the actual patients, to date are 2,227 (+13 compared to yesterday). Of these, people in isolation at home, i.e. those with mild symptoms that do not require hospital treatment or are symptom-free, are 2,064 (+16) overall, 92.6% of the total number of active cases.


There are 6 coronavirus infections in Friuli Venezia Giulia today, 11 July 2021, according to data from the region’s bulletin. Five new cases were detected on 1,405 molecular swabs with a positive rate of 0.36%. Furthermore, 1,421 antigenic rapid tests have been carried out, from which 1 case (0.07%) was detected. Today there are no deaths; one person is hospitalized in intensive care, while there are 4 patients in other wards, as reported by the deputy governor with responsibility for health, Riccardo Riccardi.

There were no positive results among the staff of the regional health system or among the guests and operators of residential facilities for the elderly or among those returning from abroad.


There are 25 coronavirus infections in Abruzzo today, 11 July 2021, according to data from the Civil Protection on the region. Since yesterday there have been no deaths, the victims since the beginning of the emergency linked to the covid-19 epidemic remain 2,512. The current positives are 954 (+12), while the discharged / recovered are 71,696.


There are 26 coronavirus infections in Liguria today, 11 July 2021, according to data from the region’s bulletin. The new cases were identified on 1,713 molecular swabs carried out in the last 24 hours, to which another 1,522 rapid antigenic swabs were added. There are no deaths. There are 23 patients hospitalized for covid, of which 7 in intensive care. According to the data of the Civil Protection, the current positives are 176 (+21), while those discharged / recovered are 99,068 (+5).


“Today on over 6 thousand swabs in Lazio (-1406) and over 14 thousand antigenic for a total of over 20 thousand tests, 164 new positive cases (-12), 1 death (-2), hospitalized are 128 (-3) , the intensive therapies are 25 (-1), the cured are 109. The ratio between positives and swabs is 2.5% but if we also consider the antigenic the percentage drops to 0.7%. Cases in Rome city are at 122 “, says the councilor for health of Lazio Alessio D’Amato.


There are 169 coronavirus infections in Campania today, 11 July 2021, according to data from the region’s bulletin. Since yesterday, no deaths have been recorded. The new cases were detected on 6,089 molecular and 5,120 antigenic swabs. The patients admitted for covid in intensive care are 15. The people admitted to the other wards are 196.


There are 54 coronavirus infections in Calabria today, 11 July 2021, according to data from the region’s bulletin. New cases were detected on 1,282 swabs carried out. 55 people have recovered, no deaths have been registered since yesterday (for a total of 1,234 deaths). The bulletin also records -1 currently positive, stable those in isolation, -1 hospitalized and, finally, stable intensive care (for a total of 3). The Reggio ASP communicates 1 positive migrant. Of the 33 positives of the Reggio Calabria ASP, 19 positives refer to the bulletin of 10 July.


There are 5 coronavirus infections in Basilicata today, 11 July 2021, according to data from the Civil Protection bulletin on the region. Since yesterday, no deaths have been recorded: the victims since the beginning of the covid-19 epidemic remain 591. The current positives are 564 (-19), while the discharged / healed are 25,886 (+24).


There are 34 coronavirus infections in Puglia according to today’s bulletin, 11 July. On the other hand, there are no new deaths. Therefore, the new cases of Covid19 are still decreasing in the face of a decrease in tests compared to yesterday. The new healed are increasing, even if contained, while the current positives are increasing, a fact that has not happened for a long time.

The data on hospitalized patients is stable. As can be read in the daily epidemiological bulletin drawn up by the Region based on information from the Health Promotion department today, out of 4,011 swabs for coronavirus infection, the 34 positive cases are divided as follows: 7 in the province of Bari, 3 in the province of Brindisi, 1 in the Bat province, 9 in the province of Foggia, 11 in the province of Lecce, 1 in the province of Taranto, 2 cases of unknown province of residence. Yesterday there were 41 new cases out of 6,174 tests.


There are 87 new coronavirus infections in Tuscany according to today’s bulletin. Also recorded another death. 244,948 the total of positives since the beginning of the pandemic. New cases are 0.04% more than the previous day’s total. The healed grew by 0.05% and reached 236,558 (96.6% of total cases). Today, 5,050 molecular swabs and 1,915 rapid antigenic swabs were performed, of which 1.2% were positive. On the other hand, 4,662 subjects were tested today (with antigenic and / or molecular swab, excluding control swabs), of which 1.9% were positive. The current positives are today 1,501, -1.8% compared to yesterday. There are 81 hospitalized (4 fewer than yesterday), of which 15 are in intensive care (1 fewer).


In the last 24 hours, 1961 swabs were tested in the Marche region: 1109 in the new diagnosis path (of which 460 screened with Antigenic pathway) and 852 in the healed path (a positive ratio tested of 3.5%).

There are 39 positives in the new diagnosis process (5 in the province of Macerata, 10 in the province of Ancona, 9 in the province of Pesaro-Urbino, 2 in the province of Fermo, 12 in the province of Ascoli Piceno and 1 outside the region). These cases include symptomatic subjects (7 cases detected), contacts in the home setting (13 cases detected), close contacts of positive cases (11 cases detected), contacts in the work setting (2 cases detected), contacts in the living / social environment ( 0 cases detected), contacts in the care setting (0 cases detected), Contacts with the involvement of students of all levels of education (0 cases detected), health care pathway screening (0 cases detected), contacts from outside the region (1 cases detected) and 5 cases are in the process of epidemiological investigation. In the Screening path a total of 460 antigen tests carried out and 8 subjects detected positive (to be subjected to the molecular swab) a positive / tested ratio of 2%.


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