Covid Italy, 100 thousand dead. Red zone, curfew, lockdown: towards close


100.103. There are many coronavirus deaths in Italy just over a year from the start of the Covid emergency. With the measures of the new Dpcm in force for a few days, the media have found space for the hypothesis of a weekend in the red zone, a ‘strengthened’ curfew and a new lockdown. The sad milestone in terms of data, a European record, was cut yesterday with the arrival of the latest bulletin with infections and deaths in the regions: 13,902 new cases with a positive index of 7.5%, another 318 victims in just 24 hours. Among the regions, the figures of Emilia Romagna (2,987 cases), Lombardy (2,301), Campania (1,644), Lazio (1,175) stand out.

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A picture that worries, explained Prime Minister Mario Draghi, assuring that the government will do its part: “We are facing a new worsening of the health emergency – explained the premier -, everyone must do their part to contain the spread of the virus. Above all, the government must do its part and every day it must try to do more “. The pandemic, he then stressed, “has not yet been defeated, but with the acceleration of the vaccine plan, a way out is not far off”.

And the acceleration of the anti Covid vaccination plan yesterday was at the center of a meeting at Palazzo Chigi between the Commissioner for the Covid emergency Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, the head of Civil Protection Fabrizio Curcio, the undersecretary to the presidency of the Council Roberto Garofoli, the ministers Maria Stella Gelmini and Roberto Speranza. On the table, sources explained to, there would be no hypothesis of new squeezes, but only the strengthening of the vaccine campaign. Prime Minister Mario Draghi then met with the Ministers of Health and Regional Affairs, the Extraordinary Commissioner for the Emergency, the Head of Civil Protection and the CEO of Poste Del Fante for an update meeting on the state of implementation of the vaccine plan. and logistical interventions, we learn from sources in Palazzo Chigi. The control room with one representative for each majority force should now be held today.


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