Covid Italy, “1,913 doctors suspended because they were not vaccinated”

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“There are 1,913 doctors and dentists currently suspended from the Register of Italian doctors and dentists for failure to comply with the vaccination obligation” against Covid: “0.4% of the members, which are 467,611 in all”. This was communicated by Fnomceo, the National Federation of Orders. Which makes a clarification in a note. “Legislative Decree 172, for which the Chamber definitively approved the conversion bill yesterday – he remembers – places the health professions in the head of the orders of operators, through the respective national federations, the automated verification, through the National platform of the Digital Green Certificate, of the possession of green certifications proving the status of vaccination, including the dose booster. The latest question, carried out this morning by Fnomceo, indicates that 7.2% of Italian doctors and dentists (33,534) would not comply with the law. ” But “this is a crude fact – points out the president of the Orders, Filippo Anelli – which does not photograph the real situation of non-compliant health professionals and which includes, for example, even colleagues who cannot get vaccinated or who have to postpone the dose for reasons of health, those who tested positive for Covid and therefore have to postpone the appointment, those who are waiting for the booster already having a reservation. And then those who have been vaccinated abroad, and who have not been registered on the Italian platform ” .

“Once the reports have been received – rings reminds – the Orders invite subscribers via certified e-mail to provide, within 5 days of receiving the request, the documentation proving the vaccination, or the certificate of exemption or deferral, or the reservation for the dose which must then be carried out within 20 days. In the latter case, the healthcare professional must, within 4 days of administration, send the vaccination certificate “.

“The Orders immediately fulfilled their responsibilities – claims the number one of Italian doctors – even if this caused a heavy burden of work for the offices and for the staff. The first extraction of data, made on December 20, reported further 60 thousand names, which have now halved: a sign that many colleagues have communicated that they are in order. After the appropriate checks, the first suspensions have also started and others are on the way “.

“We thank the territorial Orders for their work and, as a Federation – assures the president – we are always ready to support them in the application difficulties they may encounter with dedicated circulars, Faqs, question times. This is a big burden that is however connected to responsibility proper to the Orders, that of the Albi estate “.

“The intent” of the suspension of doctors not vaccinated against Covid-19 “is not punitive, so much so that it is not disciplinary, but declarative. The goal is, as the law states, to protect public health and maintain adequate conditions safety in the provision of care and assistance services “. However, “if deontological infringements are also detected, as happens for example with health professionals who spread no vax messages or messages not based on scientific evidence, in parallel disciplinary proceedings will also be opened”, explains Anelli in a note.

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