Covid Italy, intensive care above the critical threshold

Today in Italy due to Covid the employment rate in intensive care at the national level is “on the whole increasing and above the critical threshold”, at 41% against 39% last week. And the number of regions and autonomous provinces that have an employment rate in intensive care and / or medical areas above the critical threshold remains high: they are 14, compared to 12 the previous week, according to the Higher Institute of Health, in a note in which it reports the main data of the monitoring of the control room on Covid-19.

In total, the number of people admitted to intensive care is “still increasing from 3,546 (as of March 23) to 3,716 (as of March 30)”, also reports the ISS. The employment rate in medical areas at national level (44%) is also still rising and above the critical threshold with an increase in the number of people hospitalized in these areas: from 28,428 last week to 29,231 people (as of 30 March ).


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