Covid Italy, Iss: Omicron 5 at 86%, also found Centaurus

In Italy The Omicron 5 sub-variant of Sars-CoV-2 continues to grownow predominant, e also appears BA.2.75, the sub-lineage of Omicron 2 renamed by social networks ‘Centaurus’. This is what emerges from the data released by the Higher Institute of Health, as part of the weekly ISS-Ministry of Health monitoring on the progress of Covid-19.

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In the last available sampling week (18-24 July) – the ISS reports – the following distribution of circulating variants is highlighted: Omicron 100%, of which BA.5 86.0%, BA.4 11.6%, BA.2 1.6%, BA.1 0.8%. In addition, there is a sequence attributable to the BA.2.75 lineage (sampling week 11-17 July).

INCIDENCE AND ADMISSIONS – “An epidemic transitional phase is confirmed. The incidence is very high, but has been decreasing since 2 weeks, with a reduction in transmission speed to values ​​close to or below the epidemic threshold. A stabilization trend is observed in employment rates. of beds in the medical and intensive care area “is the balance sheet of the weekly Covid monitoring by the Higher Institute of Health and the Ministry of Health.

“In this phase – we read – the need to continue to respect the individual and collective behavioral measures envisaged / recommended, the use of the mask, ventilation of the rooms, hand hygiene, paying attention to the situations of gathering, is reaffirmed. vaccination coverage, the completion of vaccination cycles and the maintenance of a high immune response through the booster dose, with particular regard to the categories indicated by the ministerial provisions, are necessary tools to mitigate the especially clinical impact of the epidemic “.

REINFECTIONS – The percentage of Covid-19 reinfections on the total reported cases continues to grow, passing to 12.6%. Last week the reinfection rate was 12%.

REZZA – “The number of new cases of Covid-19 in our country continues to slowly decrease, with an incidence rate that reaches 727 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants”. Even if the incidence value is “still high” there is a “slight downward trend”. In the face of this, however, it is necessary to “maintain behaviors inspired by prudence. But above all, we remember the importance for people who are over 60 and for those more fragile to carry out the fourth dose of the vaccine to protect themselves from the most serious forms of disease. “Thus the Director General of Prevention of the Ministry of Health, Giovanni Rezza, in a video commenting on the data of the weekly monitoring of the Ministry-Higher Institute of Health (Iss).

Rezza recalls how “the Rt index also shows a decreasing trend: we are now very close to unity. The occupancy rate of beds in the medical and intensive care wards” by Covid patients “is respectively 17 % and 4.1%, so we see a substantial stabilization compared to the previous week “.


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