Covid Italy, Rt stable and the incidence of cases decreases

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In Italy Rt stable at 0.68. This is what Adnkronos Salute learns from the meeting of the control room for Covid monitoring, which will be decisive for a new color map of Italy with the passage of other regions in the white zone.

The Rt values ​​are between 0.67 and 0.69, details the draft of the report from the Higher Institute of Health (Iss) – Ministry of Health on Covid-19 monitoring in Italy. So “below 1 also in the upper limit”.

INCIDENCE – The decline in the weekly incidence continues, reaching 26 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the period 31 May-6 June, compared to 36 per 100,000 in the period 24-30 May (ISS data). The incidence falls in all Regions / Autonomous Provinces and is below the value of 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants every 7 days throughout the territory, according to the draft of the report. “The vaccination campaign is progressing rapidly – the experts observe – and the incidence is at a level that would allow the containment of new cases”.

RISK REGIONS – “All Regions / Autonomous Provinces are classified at low risk according to the Ministerial Decree of 30 April 2020 except one, Sardinia, at moderate risk. All Regions / Pa have an average Rt lower than 1 in the lower limit of the range, and therefore a transmissibility compatible with a type 1 scenario “is written in the draft.

ADMISSIONS AND INTENSIVE CARE – “This week no Region / Autonomous Province exceeds the critical occupancy threshold for beds in intensive care or medical area. The employment rate in intensive care is 8%, below the critical threshold, with a decrease in the number of hospitalized people who goes from 1,033 (May 31) to 688 (June 8). The employment rate in medical areas nationwide drops further (8%). The number of people hospitalized in these areas goes from 6,482 (May 31) to 4,685 (8 June). Two Regions, Puglia and Sardinia, report a resilience alert; none report multiple alerts “.

TRACKING – The draft of the report also states that “there is a further decrease in the number of new cases not associated with transmission chains (4,992 vs 7,424 the previous week). The percentage of cases detected through contact tracing is stable (40.3% vs 40.1% last week). The percentage of cases detected through the onset of symptoms was also stable (38.6 vs 38.6%). 21.0% were diagnosed through screening activities “.

VARIANTS – “The prevalent circulation in Italy of variant B.1.1.7 (known as the English variant)” of the coronavirus Sars-CoV-2, “and the presence of other variants that may have greater transmissibility and / or partially evade the immune response , requires to continue to carefully monitor the situation and to maintain caution and gradualness in managing the epidemic “is the recommendation contained in the draft of the report.

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