Covid Lazio, D’Amato: “At the start of monoclonal experimentation”


“Lazio is the first region to start testing monoclonal antibodies which started today at the Spallanzani Institute”. This was announced by the Lazio health councilor Alessio D’Amato visiting the hub at the Parco della Musica in the capital. But Lazio is also the first region with a vaccination certificate regarding the coronavirus. From today “on the vaccination certificate, Lazio is the first Italian Region to populate the electronic health record of the individual user also with this one which is a health certificate containing personal data, the first and second administration, the type of vaccine and the batch number of the vaccine, “D’Amato said.

“It is a certificate of a health nature and we are the first Region to do it because we consider it a service. Then the methods and what can be done with this certificate at European and national level will be established by the competent bodies, but I would like to specify – he remarks – that from today the migration from the regional vaccination register to the file of the single individual of these certificates has begun and it is an important element “.

D’Amato also talks about the “scientific collaboration agreement between the Spallanzani Institute” in Rome “and the Gamaleya Institute in Moscow to evaluate the coverage of the” coronavirus “variants also of the Sputnik V vaccine”.


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