Covid, Luca Zingaretti resigned from Spallanzani


I’m going home. Thank you all for your care and affection. A part of me remains next to those who are still here to fight. “After about a week, Luca Zingaretti leaves the Spallanzani hospital, where he was hospitalized for Covid, and next to the post announcing his return home, he publishes on his Instagram stories a photo that portrays him from behind sitting on the hospital bed, with his luggage resting on the sheets, ready to leave.

Precisely in the days when his latest Montalbano was discussing half of Italy for the way in which he left his long-time girlfriend, Livia, and while the new fiction interpreted by his wife Luisa Ranieri, ‘Lolita Lobosco’, was producing considerable ratings, Luca Zingaretti had fallen ill with Coronavirus and last week he had been forced to seek hospital treatment. The good news today.

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