Covid, Maddaloni: “My gym in Scampia becomes a vaccination hub”

twelve o’clock, March 22, 2021 – 10:30

The judo master, who has already transformed his facility into a sorting center for food shopping, writes to the Region and the Municipality offering his space: a duty

of Ch. Ma.

My gym available to create a vaccination hub in Scampia. I think it is a duty, every vaccinated more a person saved from the virus and it seems to me the least I can do. Once again the judo master Gianni Maddaloni steps on the carpet for his neighborhood.

Sorting point for food shopping

Food expenditure for families in difficulty
Food expenditure for families in difficulty

Since the early days of the pandemic, its structure, which over the years has produced many champions but above all has offered many young people in the neighborhood an alternative for healthy growth, which has become a point of reference for supporting families in greater difficulty through distribution, every Friday. , of bags with food shopping, made available by Caritas and a group of Neapolitan entrepreneurs. But now Maddaloni feels he has to do more and has written to the institutions, the Region and the Municipality, nominating the two hundred square meters of the gymnasium for setting up a vaccination center. Currently, in compliance with the anti Covid restrictions, the structure is closed to the public and attended only by the 18 agonists who train for the championships.

March 22, 2021 | 10:30

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