Covid makes another 27 victims It is a new record number – Another 27 dead. A very high number. The second highest recorded since the beginning of the emergency. The tragic death toll of Covid-19 is rising every day. The one on deaths, experts have been repeating for a year, is the last figure to drop when containment measures are effective and the numbers drop.
In Abruzzo, however, the situation shows no signs of improving. Not even in those areas that have been in the red zone for the past 18 days, such as and Chieti, does the virus run seem to stop. There are 552 new cases. And hospitalizations continue to increase, with intensive care at the highest levels ever reached.
11 DEADS PER DAY. The 27 deaths reported in the latest bulletin of the Region represent the most consistent increase recorded in a single day, after the record of 21 November last, when there were 35 deaths. a couple of occasions, January 25, when 25 deaths were reported, and February 23 (24). The overall death toll in Abruzzo thus rises to 1,758. Of the total, 1,275 – that is 72.5% – concern the period from September to today, or the second wave and the current one. 550 have died since the beginning of the year: the average, from 1 January to today, is 9 deaths per day. In the last week alone, the victims have been 79, more than eleven every 24 hours.
RECENT VICTIMS. The 27 victims are aged between 54 and 97 years. Of the total, 20 refer only to the province of, a territory battered by the virus in this phase of the emergency. Five, then, were residents of Chieti, one in Teramo and one outside the region. Of the deaths, fourteen have occurred in recent days, but were communicated only yesterday by the ASL.
The thirteen most recent victims are a 54-year-old from Chieti, a 60 year old from Cepagatti, a 67 year old from Chieti, a 76 year old from Francavilla al Mare, a 79-year-old from City of Sant’Angelo, a 79 year old from the province of Salerno, an 81 year old from Rosciano, an 84 year old, an 87 year old and an 89 year old from San Valentino in Abruzzo Citeriore, an 85 year old from, an 86 year old from Penne and a 90 year old from Ortona.
Two of the three Valentine’s victims were guests in a retirement home in which a massive outbreak developed: 28 out of 30 assisted and all seven operators were infected. The deaths among the guests of that structure thus rise to five.
NEW CASES. The 552 new cases emerged from the analysis of 6,342 molecular swabs: 8.7% were positive. Also performed 1,952 antigen tests. Of the new positives, the youngest is a one-month-old baby from the province of and the oldest is a 98-year-old from Chietino. Many are those under the age of 19. There are 117: 45 in the province of L’Aquila, 38 in the province of, 24 in the province of Chieti and ten in the province of Teramo. The positive note concerns the healed, who are once again many, 486. Consequently, the number of those currently positive increases in a modest way, which are 39 more, for a total of 13,079 people.
THE LOCALITY. The locations with the newest cases are (76), Montesilvano (36), They launch (29), Chieti (27) e Francavilla al Mare (20). Nineteen, then, the infectionsAquila, 14 ad Avezzano, 13 a Giulianova, 12 a Pizzoli, 11 a Capitignano, 11 a Penne, ten in City of Sant’Angelo, as many a Pratola Peligna it’s at Spoltore. At the territorial level, the provinces of and Chieti, despite the red zone going on for over two weeks, continue to show a very high number of infections, 188 and 159 infections respectively. However, the L’Aquila data is also worrying, registering 122 new cases, a record figure in this phase of the pandemic. In Teramo there are 87 recent infections.
ADMISSIONS. The pressure on hospitals is very strong. There is a new sharp increase in hospitalizations, which go from 720 on Wednesday to 736 yesterday. In particular, 651 patients (+13) are in non-intensive care and 85 (three more, net of deaths, discharges and five new hospitalizations) are in intensive care. The number of the most serious patients returns to the record value reached for the first time on Tuesday. At the moment, the occupancy rate of intensive care beds is 40%, against an alarm threshold of 30%, while that relating to the medical area reaches 44%, compared to a limit value of 40%.


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