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Innovation: a principal could be one School Manager. As well as a train controller already a Train Manager…. we will find ourselves in a world of manager

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Phone call: Good morning, I just heard the Covid Manager, who told me that it would be preferable to leave forty minutes early to perform the quick swab at one of our partner pharmacies. I would therefore have set her pick-up at 11:30 instead of 10:50 so that the driver – to whom I have already sent the e-voucher via Whatsapp – would take her to the pharmacy for the exam and immediately afterwards to the meeting. Everything you have read in the quotation marks corresponds to a fact that actually happened.

You will say: Ses, right. Okay, let’s just say that I may also have exaggerated a bit, trying to remember exactly the text of the call. But even if it were, not on the excess of terms in corporate English (which is so international-chic and stimulates me the instant raspberry) that my attention is focused, but on one definition in particular, that of Covid Manager. Before yesterday – I swear – I had never heard of it. So I didn’t know about this new managerial profile (because things never quite exist until they have a name).

So I went to find out, and I discovered that the Covid Manager really exists, and the company contact person for the implementation of anti-contagion measures. Its competences are reported in a regional manual that describes its role and tasks. Among these, also the referral of the regional health system to facilitate contact tracing activities (aridje).

In short, the Covid Manager a company worker and also (indeed, never as in this case) socially useful. A professional figure who fully fits into the protocol of any company that is operating in an emergency condition such as the one caused by the pandemic. Maximum respect for the Covid Manager, therefore (while hoping that in a short time he will no longer be needed).

What sounds quite curious for those who come to know of its existence for the first time, to ascertain how much the pandemic has produced its effects even on the nomenclature of companies, or rather (inverting the observation), how much the business practice to professionally name any type of figure framed in its organization charts has also found a prestigious opportunity in the coronavirus.

Let’s face it: if one hears Covid Manager before inquiring about him, he has the impression of not having understood. Because, objectively, approaching the pandemic to a business executive does not sound very appropriate. Unless one thinks – as in fact at first I thought – of a primary infectious disease specialist. Because also an infectious disease specialist (not only a primary, but also a general practitioner) performs managerial functions of a hospital ward where Covid patients are treated. Which would make him a manager. It would also apply (I know) to diabetologists, hematologists, gynecologists. And not just doctors. A principal could be (maybe already) one School Manager. As well as a train controller already (they often mention it in pre-recorded messages) a Train Manager. Using this scheme, we will find ourselves in a world of managers. And everyone – to paraphrase Andy Warhol – will have their quarter of an hour of management.

April 3, 2021 | 10:31

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