Covid, Putin to the Russians: “Get vaccinated”

Covid vaccine, Putin invites the Russians to follow his example. Last Tuesday, the Russian president got his first shot vaccinated. Anyone who wants to, he says, “feel comfortable, do not get sick or have no serious consequences after contracting the disease” should do as I do. To date, relatively few people have been vaccinated in Russia. According to the head of the Kremlin, only 4.3 million people received the two necessary injections, just under 3% of the country’s population of 146 million.

At the same time, Putin defended his decision not to get vaccinated in front of the cameras, arguing that he does not want to “ape” other heads of state who have received injections in public, because it is easy to fake these kinds of vaccination campaigns, for example. administering a saline solution instead of the drug. The president then did not disclose which of the three vaccines available in Russia (Sputnik, EpiVacCorona, CovVac) he was given: “Only my doctor knows”.

Putin then recounted his experience in an interview on Rossiya 1 TV. “I woke up the morning after the vaccine with some slight muscle pain – said the Russian president – I took the thermometer … the temperature was normal “. Putin did not disclose which of the three federally approved vaccines he was given, stating that only the doctor who gave him the injection knows.


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