Covid returns to scare Germany, for the Germans Easter in lockdown

Germany will extend its lockdown until April 18 and asks citizens to stay at home. In a press conference in the middle of the night, at the end of an 11-hour meeting with the presidents of the 16 landers, the chancellor Angela Mekel defines the situation on the Covid front as “very serious” and says stop to the progressive reopening.

The variants of the virus have pushed up the number of infections and the concern and that the hospital situation could collapse. “The numbers are growing exponentially because of the English variant “, Merkel stressed, and the risk is that the resurgence of the virus could cause the vaccination campaign to fail.

For this the Germans must prepare for one Pasqua in lockdown. Between 1 and 5 April contacts will be reduced to a minimum. Churches will be asked to celebrate their services online. All travel abroad is not recommended and anyone returning to the country by plane will need to be tested before the flight.

To fight the pandemic, public, economic and private life in Germany will be ‘frozen’ during Easter like never before during the crisis. For this purpose, Holy Thursday and Holy Saturday will be defined as one-off weekdays, with broad contact restrictions. The grocery stores will remain open only on Holy Saturday.

In landers with higher incidences of infections, the current restrictions will be further tightened. Among the measures envisaged are the introduction of a curfew and the obligation for passengers to wear masks even in private cars.

According to the chancellor, the Easter holidays must become a “period of calm”. The third wave must be stopped at all costs. Germany is in a “very, very serious situation” due to the spread of virus variants and increased infections. The crucial terms are “caution and flexibility,” Merkel added. “We haven’t been able to defeat the virus yet, it won’t give up”he concluded.



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