Covid Romania, one death every 5 minutes in the last month. From Monday new restrictions –

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Critical situation throughout the Balkans: low vaccination rate and a boom in infections and deaths. Collapsing hospitals in Bulgaria: “We will have to seek help abroad”

The Covid in emergency continues to cause concern Romania where, on average, in the last month, the virus killed one person every 5 minutes. Financial statements have been recorded in the country for weeks between 15 and 20 thousand new infections every day, as the Reuters
. The health system is in collapse, and intensive care is saturated, so much so that dozens of patients are sent to hospitals abroad, such as in the nearby Hungary.

The government of Bucharest, grappling with the new dramatic phase of the epidemic, has thus decided to return to the night curfew and new severe restrictive measures, with vaccination passes for most of the public spaces, from Monday 25 October.

The vaccination campaign is also very slow, with Romania which, together with Bulgaria, is at the bottom of the EU for the percentage of immunized population, so far around 30%.

The pandemic is also recovering in Balkans, come in Serbia, where only 53% of the population obtained two doses of the vaccine; And Bulgaria, where the government announced to
be on the verge of having to send Covid-19 patients abroad. “Our capacity in terms of health personnel and ventilators is almost exhausted, we will have to seek help outside the country if the contamination curve does not reduce within 10-15 days,” said the Bulgarian Health Minister. Stoycho Katsarov On the canal new tv. The epidemiological situation remains very critical also in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, all countries with low percentages of immunized.

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