Covid, Sweden decides to vaccinate boys between 16 and 17 years old not under

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Unlike many other countries that have started vaccinating children as young as 12, the Swedish Public Health Agency has announced that it has decided to vaccinate young people aged 16-17, not below, against Covid-19. The agency said that all children between the ages of 16 and 17 will be offered vaccination against Covid-19 once those aged 18 and over have been vaccinated. “We don’t think there is enough support for a benefit-risk balance to administer vaccines to younger children,” Public Health Agency Director General Johan Carlson told Swedish television SVT. “Vaccination of children is delicate and should not be done unless it is seen to be of great benefit to the individual child,” he added.

However, under exceptional circumstances, Swedish 12-year-olds can also be vaccinated. Medical conditions are specified in a list compiled by the Swedish Pediatric Society. Among the conditions listed are severe asthma that has required intensive care in the past 24 months, severe lung disease, some immunodeficiency conditions, Down syndrome, and severe obesity.

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