Covid, the physicist Spinella: “A part of the positives transmits the standard virus and a part the varied virus” –

ROMA. The current calculation of the transmissibility index Rt “must be enriched with a methodology” that “can take into account that we are in a phase in which there is a positive part which transmits the standard virus and a part which transmits the varied virus, which has a greater transmissibility of 40%. “To say it is the physicist Corrado Spinella, director of the Department of Physical Sciences and Technologies of Matter at Cnr, the National Research Council, on the basis of the evolutions of the differential calculus developed by him and by the team of his department with the “find variants” algorithm.

“It is time to adopt more severe measures if you want to reduce the contagion curve, because an increase in the speed of contagiousness must respond with actions that are certainly more incisive than those followed when the virus with standard contagiousness was prevalent – he adds. the physicist – On the basis of the regional analyzes made by the algorithm, it emerges that the idea of ​​locally based confinement of outbreaks is unrealistic, because when you think of closing or confining a village, the variant is already around it. Already when you see it you have to acknowledge that it is hitting hard and that it has been around for quite a while “.


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