Covid: thirty patients are hospitalized in Trentino –

TRENTO. They rise to 30 hospitalizations in Trentino linked to Covid 19: there were 4 new entries which took place yesterday (23 August) and minimally compensated by 1 discharge. Fortunately no one is in resuscitation, and it is always good news to be able to record the absence of deaths, but the appeal of the health authorities – reads a note from the Province – is to join the campaign because the vaccine significantly reduces the possibility of contracting the virus and in any case to contract an infection such as to force hospitalization.

The contagions today (24 August) I’m 44 discovered thanks to about 3,500 swabs analyzed yesterday.

To be precise, the Microbiology Laboratory of the Santa Chiara Hospital in Trento tested 562 molecular swabs which identified 9 new positive cases, also confirming 5 positivity intercepted in recent days by rapid tests. The latter were 2,961, of which 35 were positive.

Among the new infected there are also 13 between children and teenagers: 1 is very young (less than 2 years old), 1 has between 3-5 years, 4 between 6-10 years, 2 between 11-13 years and 5 between 14-19 years. Going up with the years we find 2 subjects between 60-69 years and another 2 of 80 and more years.


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