Covid today Italy, “800 thousand infections and 34 deaths in children and adolescents”

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There are 808,228 infections, of which 34 deaths, covid-19 in the population 0-19 years from the beginning of the epidemic to November 17. There were 8,557 hospitalizations among children and adolescents in all, those in intensive care 251. This is underlined by the Higher Institute of Health in the latest weekly report on the progress of the pandemic in Italy, highlighting that from 1st to 14th November “in 22,202 new cases were reported in this population, of which 143 hospitalized and 5 hospitalized in intensive care “.

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This is the distribution of cases, hospitalizations and deaths from the beginning of the emergency for the different age groups under 19: 16-19 years 229,073 cases, 2,068 hospitalizations, 74 hospitalizations in intensive care and 7 deaths; 12-15 years 192,273 cases, 1,301 hospitalizations, 58 ICU admissions and 8 deaths.

Again: between the ages of 6 and 11, the group for which the possibility of a vaccine is expected shortly, since the beginning of the epidemic there have been 241,739 cases, 1,407 hospitalizations, 36 hospitalizations in intensive care and 9 deaths. Finally, from 3 to 5 years 81,882 cases, 734 hospitalizations, 19 intensive care hospitalizations and 5 deaths; under the age of 3 63,261 cases, 3,047 hospitalizations, 64 hospitalizations in intensive care and 5 deaths.

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