Covid today Italy, hospitalizations still decreasing: Fiaso report

“For the sixth consecutive week, the trend of Covid hospitalizations” in Italy “is falling. The figure in the last seven days is -18%. The situation in intensive care is stable”. This is what emerges from the survey of sentinel hospitals belonging to the Fiaso network, the Italian Federation of health and hospital companies (Fiaso) of 24 January. “The situation in intensive care is stable, with only one new entry, after the significant drop in intensive care recorded last week (-44%) – continues the report – 30% of patients in intensive care are not vaccinated and are of an age average of 58 years, compared to an average age of 71 among patients vaccinated for more than six months”.

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According to the report, the proportion of patients hospitalized ‘for Covid’, with respiratory failure or pneumonia, which are 41% of the total, is also constant, 75% have been vaccinated for more than six months, with an average age of 77 years and for the most part affected by other pathologies. 59% of patients ‘with Covid’, or – the experts clarify – patients who arrived at the hospital for the treatment of other pathologies, are positive for the virus but do not have respiratory and pulmonary symptoms and occupy 59% of the Covid beds”.

Focus on pediatric patients. “20% drop in Covid hospitalizations of under 18s in the four pediatric hospitals and in the pediatric wards of sentinel network hospitals. Also this week – concludes the report – no entry of children into Covid intensive care. 72% of patients children with Sars-Cov-2 infection are aged between 0 and 4 years”.


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