Covid today Italy, Viola: “Yes to vaccination obligation”

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Omicron variant in Italy, WHO forecasts are that “it will arrive by the end of the month”. Thus the immunologist Antonella Viola at the ‘Half an hour more’ program on Rai3. “They have been around for a few weeks. What we need to see is whether the opening of schools will shift this peak a little bit. However, we expect a very rapid trend, which means that in a short time we will reach the maximum and then it will go down due to the characteristics of the virus“.


“Agree with vaccination obligation? Because in the face of a pandemic like this the only way to return to normal is to turn this virus into flu. To do this we must all be vaccinated, if we have pockets of hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated when the virus circulates in the winter, these people will flock to hospitals putting stress on the health system. So we will find ourselves year after year with the problem of hospitals under pressure, of lack of access for other treatments and operations and with the need to impose restrictions. The only way to get out is to protect us all and at that point start a normal management of coexistence with the virus “.” The virus will remain with us for a long time – he adds -, so sooner or later we will all come into contact with it. But that’s not a catastrophic prediction: if we are vaccinated and have generated a good immunity that protects us, coming into contact with the virus means going through the flu. However, we must be careful to monitor fragile people and therefore we should understand whether to make periodic reminders “.


The immunologist came under guard after the No Vax death threats with a bullet. “My life under guard? Very complicated, it means living without freedom“he says.” I’m very sorry for the carabinieri who have to keep up with me, so I try to adjust my days so as not to weigh too much on them, “he continued.

“I have not clashed with the No vax, the reason why I was threatened is because I argue that children must be vaccinated – she concludes -. And I cannot but say this because I would go against my beliefs, I would be a scientist to be eliminated” .

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