Covid today Lazio, 1,216 infections and 5 deaths. In Rome 580 new cases

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I am 1,216 new Coronavirus infections today Sunday 21 November 2021, according to Covid-19 data in the latest regional bulletin. Since yesterday the deaths have been 5. In the last 24 hours 13,984 molecular swabs and 27,182 antigenic swabs were processed with a positive rate of 2.9%. The hospitalized are 636, while the intensive care units are 83. Since yesterday there have been 549 recovered. There are 580 cases in Rome. Asl Roma 1: 203 new cases and 1 death in the last 24 hours. Asl Roma 2: 297 new cases and 2 deaths since yesterday. Asl Roma 3: there are 80 new cases. Asl Roma 4: there are 61 new cases. Asl Roma 5: 158 new cases and 1 death in the last 24 hours. Asl Roma 6: there are 125 new cases and 1 death since yesterday. In the provinces there are 292 new cases, of which 79 in the Asl of Frosinone, 121 in Latina, 32 in Rieti and 60 in Viterbo.

“Lazio is the first region to start with vaccination for over 40s, open days are a success. Repeat will be evaluated for next Sunday. It is the second day in which the first doses increase” communicates the Councilor for Health in a note. Lazio Region, Alessio D’Amato. In Lazio, he adds, “the 9.1 million administrations have been exceeded, mainly booster doses, which yesterday represented 78% of the entire administrations. We must keep attention, use the mask and avoid gatherings “. As for the third dose, there are “over 457 thousand doses performed”. “Adherence to the first open days aimed at over 40s who have exceeded 180 days since the last administration of the Covid vaccine is good. We will evaluate a reply next Sunday until the availability of the individual structures is exhausted”.

Reservations are active ( for the booster dose for over 40s after 180 days from the last dose. the system places the user on the earliest possible date, just the health card and choose the vaccination hub or pharmacy. Reservations are available until January 31 for those who took their last dose on July 30. the recall can also be made by your general practitioner, in this case the doctor must be contacted directly.

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The telephone triage service is active for monoclonals to the number 800.118.800 addressed to over 65 years as soon as positive for the evaluation of enrollment for administration of monoclonal antibodies which takes place at one of the 15 centers or even at home according to clinical indications.

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