Covid today Lazio, “no vaccine, suspended doctor Mariano Amici”

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Covid in Lazio, “the general practitioner Mariano Amici, was suspended, without salary, from the service by the competent local Asl because, despite repeated reminders, he did not want to undergo vaccination“anti-Covid,” in contravention of article 4 of Legislative Decree 44 of 2021. I read that Dr. Amici has deposited the symbol of ‘Friends for Italy’, now he will certainly have more time to devote to this new adventure of his. Those who work for the health service and have the salary paid by the taxpayers must respect the rules. Now we await the results of the investigation opened at the Order of Doctors of Rome which is entitled, in the first instance, to deontologically judge the position of Dr. Amici “. This was stated in a note by the Councilor for Health and Social and Health Integration, of the Region Lazio, Alessio D’Amato.

SURPRISED, I WILL APPEAL“-” I am surprised by the councilor D’Amato’s initiative, in my opinion an illegitimate act and I will proceed to appeal. “So to Salute Amici, family doctor from Ardea (Rome), who became famous for his investments to TV programs in which he expressed positions opposed to the anti-Covid vaccine, replies to the suspension, without salary, arrived by the Health Councilor. “I am in compliance with the legislation”, claims Amici who, when asked if he is immunized against Covid, reaffirms “which is a question of privacy.” And on the symbol deposited, the family doctor replies that “‘Amici per Italia is not a party”.

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