Covid, Toti in Sanremo: “Festival? A gigantic effort”

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“We still wanted to do the Festival and it was a gigantic effort”. To say this, speaking with is the governor of Liguria Giovanni Toti on an institutional visit to the hospital of Sanremo. “I thank this healthcare company that made its staff available so that we could have this extraordinary showcase on Liguria and this window of tradition that we did not want to give up so as not to be bent by Covid. However, when sacrifices are needed to save lives, I believe everyone must understand “.

Protests and refreshments

“I understand the protests, especially after a year” he continues, responding to the protests that traders, fairs and restaurateurs have been bringing to the streets for days in an alternative festival behind the Ariston theater. “We are fighting so that in the new decree on refreshments or supports, as the Draghi government apparently calls them today, there is adequate compensation for those who have had to close down and sacrifice themselves”.

“However, Liguria, in an all-orange northern Italy, is the only Region that is yellow also thanks to targeted actions that we are doing to contain the virus where it manifests itself against greater violence”. “In the west, the virus has now been circulating with greater incidence than in the rest of the region for more than two weeks due to its proximity to the Côte d’Azur, one of the areas most affected by the virus beyond the border. The curves – he continues – tell us that this area needs containment measures, we did it first on Ventimiglia and when the curve rose also in Sanremo we were forced to prevent the hospital already at the limits of its functionality and capacity from going into difficulty “.


“We are monitoring schools a lot, today we see a peak of growth among children between 13 and 19, as opposed to a decreasing peak for the 80-year-olds who are vaccinating quite rapidly,” he tells “If it is possible everywhere we will loosen the restrictions – he adds – bearing in mind that regions that are very well organized also in health terms, such as Emilia Romagna and Veneto, are now in even worse conditions than ours”.

The vaccines

“Our vaccination campaign is working very well,” Governor Toti told “On the over 80s we are delivering up to 79% of the vaccines delivered, Pfizer and Moderna, and we are vaccinating 20 thousand people a week”. “In this area we have anticipated a campaign that will lead to a further 5 thousand AstraZeneca-type vaccines in the next week to reach the end of the restrictions with all the teaching staff, law enforcement and frontier workers vaccinated. The campaign therefore works – adds Toti – and marching at the pace that the vaccine that arrives from Rome gives us. We hope that the new measures taken by Draghi will also increase these quantities. We are ready to deliver even more “.

“I don’t know if it is useful or possible to produce Sputnik or AstraZeneca rather than Pfizer under license. I know that Minister Giorgetti is working with pharmaceutical companies to build an Italian licensed supply chain, they will certainly do with the vaccine of greater interest and production possibilities. It is obvious that it is necessary to think that all this will take months to get going. Today it is good to take the roads a little faster “.

(From the correspondent Silvia Mancinelli)

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