TRENTO. The covid bulletin of the provincial agency for health services on this Easter Sunday reports 2 new deaths and 169 new infections, while the vaccinations are over 104,000 and remains stable, albeit high, the number of hospitalizations in intensive care. One of the deaths reported today by the report occurred in the hospital: they are 2 men, average age 77 years.

In detail, 1,262 molecular swabs (709 those analyzed at the Santa Chiara Hospital and 553 at the Fem) identified 108 new positive cases and confirmed 55 positivity intercepted in recent days by rapid tests. 61 additional positive subjects were identified from 697 rapid tests. Among the newly infected, 100 are asymptomatic while the symptomatic pauci are 66.

Today they register 39 new cases of school-age children and adolescents: 10 are between 0-2 years, 4 between 3-5 years, 7 between 6-10 years, 7 between 11-13 years and 11 between 14-19 years. Instead, among the more mature classes we find 21 new cases in the age group 60-69, 12 between 70-79 years and 8 of 80 and more years.

The hospitals discharged yesterday 8 patients, but they were 13 new entries. The total number of covid patients is therefore 234, of which 51 in resuscitation. The data relating to the healed indicates 84 new cases, for a total of 37,704.

Finally the vaccines: this morning the administrations had reached 104,146, of which 34,437 second doses. 46,438 doses were administered to citizens over the age of eighty, while those referring to the 70-79 age group are 13,919.

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