Covid vaccine and flu together, WHO green light

Covid vaccine and flu together, the ok of the World Health Organization’s committee of experts on vaccinations (Sage) arrives. “Although” limited evidence on co-administration of inactivated seasonal influenza vaccines with Covid-19 vaccines did not show an increase in adverse events, “is indicated after the last meeting. And “since the adult age groups who are” traditionally “recommended vaccinating against seasonal flu are also at risk of developing severe Covid,” for Sage “the simultaneous administration of an inactivated flu vaccine and any Covid vaccine -19 licensed by WHO for emergency use is acceptable and will maximize uptake of both vaccines. ”

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According to estimates – the WHO experts recall – seasonal flu annually records over a billion cases, of which 3-5 million of serious illness, and causes 290,000-650,000 deaths.

The Sage therefore recommends that all countries initiate influenza immunization programs, targeting “health workers, chronically ill, elderly and pregnant women”, and possibly “additional subpopulations such as children and people at high risk of influenza. serious, living in community contexts such as prisons, long-term care facilities, camps for refugees or asylum seekers, family homes “.

Also in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the WHO committee of immunization specialists recommends influenza vaccination priorities for “healthcare workers, the elderly and pregnant women”.


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