Covid vaccine, Biden: “US will share extra doses ”

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The “surplus” of anti-covid vaccines “if we have it, we will share it with the rest of the world”. This was assured by US President Joe Biden, during an event at the White House with the CEOs of J&J and Merck, the two giants of the pharmaceutical industry, who in recent days announced an alliance to accelerate production. vaccines. “We have already decided to work with the Covax alliance, we have committed with 40 billion dollars to help finance it – he recalled – It is not something that can be stopped with a barrier, no matter how high the wall you build. So. in the end we will not be saved until the world is saved, so we will start by making sure.

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“Today I gave instructions to produce another 100 million doses and we will buy another 100 million doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine”, Biden then announced, speaking of an “historic and unprecedented” alliance and acknowledging the two competitors that they had put “patriotism and public health in the first place”.

“There is a light at the end of last year’s dark tunnel”, but “we cannot let our guard down or think that victory is inevitable,” Biden said, anticipating that this will be the message of the speech to the nation that will do. tomorrow night. “I will talk about what the country went through last year – he said – But, more importantly, it will talk about what will come next. I will launch the next phase of the response to the covid and explain what I will do as a government and what we will ask of the people. American”.

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