Covid vaccine: Johnson & Johnson plans to switch to double dose

Covid vaccine, Johnson & Johnson evaluates the second dose: “Antibodies increase ninefold”

The vaccine too Johnson & Johnson, like those produced by other pharmaceutical companies, may soon be administered in double dose. In fact, J&J explains that the second administration “Generated a 9-fold increase in antibodies compared to 28 days after the first dose.” These data come from two Phase 2 studies conducted in the United States and Europe of 2,000 participants in anticipation of the potential need for a booster and were presented in pre-publication in “MedRxiv”.

Last July on the “New England Journal of Medicine” interim data had been published demonstrating a stable immune response for eight months after immunization.

Mathai Mammen, Head of Research and Development at Janssen, commented: “We know that a single dose of our vaccine generates strong and robust immune responses that are durable and persistent for eight months. With these new data we are seeing that a booster dose of the vaccine to study participants, who were previously immunized with our vaccine, further increases antibody responses ”.

The company is therefore discussing with regulators about the need to offer a booster dose of the vaccine, eight months after the first.


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