Covid vaccine, Medical Association: “Agree on obligation”

We have been saying for some time that without Covid vaccination you cannot work in the ward. Doctors have a code of ethics that must be respected on this issue and there is also the law on safety in the workplace which provides that the professional may be obliged to be vaccinated. But yesterday Prime Minister Draghi indicated the need for legislative action and we agree. We know that the situation is delicate but, I repeat, few dozen doctors have refused the vaccine. However, we appreciate the government’s commitment. “This was stated to Salute Filippo Anelli president of Fnomceo, the national federation of the orders of surgeons and dentists.

“We have already met the Minister of Justice Marta Cartabia – recalls Anelli – and I hope that in the path that will lead to the new law there may be the possibility of a new discussion on this issue”. Among the hypotheses that could be included in the future law for the vaccination obligation for health workers, who despite being in contact with the sick decide not to immunize themselves, could include suspension until dismissal. “For doctors, vaccination – rings reiterates – is also an ethical duty, as they have an ethical duty to protect themselves and others. I believe it is necessary to analyze the phenomenon and really understand what numbers we are talking about, I hope – he adds – that the Ministry of Health with Agenas initiates a monitoring of health workers who do not want to get vaccinated “.

Another ‘hot’ issue on the government’s table, as far as health workers are concerned, is that of the criminal shield linked to anti-Covid treatments and vaccinations, returned to prominence after the temporary blockade of AstraZeneca for some suspected deaths after immunization. “We are facing a disease that appeared only a year ago and we have exposed ourselves in terms of responsibility – rings rings – so we believe we must intervene on the treatment of Covid as a whole, we do not want to overwhelm the rules of justice but we need an interpretation of the guilt. serious leaving only some striking situations “.

Ssn doctors union: “Vaccine cannot be refused but no to dismissal”

“On the obligation of anti-Covid vaccines for healthcare workers, we start from the concept of safety: we fought at the beginning of the pandemic to have safety devices and today we certainly cannot refuse the major device that protects us from the virus. , that is the vaccine. We are therefore in favor of the obligation “. This was stated to Salute by Carlo Palermo, national secretary Anaao Assomed, the union of employed doctors of the National Health Service (NHS). “It must be said, however, that as far as doctors are concerned, the estimate of those who have refused vaccination is 1% – warns Palermo – While I believe that in other categories of the health sector the percentage is much higher”. “However, we are opposed to the dismissal of the doctor who does not want to get vaccinated – specifies the secretary of Anaao Assomed – The pandemic is a transitory event and in the near future the epidemic conditions will change so the dismissal would be an extreme measure with some doubts of legitimacy. then we think that in a large hospital we are starting to lay off vaccine-reluctant operators, there is a risk of depleting the staff already to the bone “.

Fp Cgil medici: “Unacceptable unvaccinated colleagues”

“Anyone who wants to work in the National Health Service must implement all the strategies to ensure the safety of the patient and their own. In this, vaccination is like washing hands or wearing a mask, it is unacceptable for a professional to enter, for example, in intensive care without being immunized. There is a duty linked to ethics, a respect for ethics and the profession “. The national secretary of the Fp Cgil Medici, Andrea Filippi, underlines this to Salute. “Those who want to work in health care, have no other prospect than to get vaccinated”, adds Filippi who on the question of sanctions, provided for in the government’s study for the vaccination obligation of operators, including dismissal, specifies that “you cannot work without gloves and therefore you cannot work without being vaccinated “.


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