Covid, “vaccine obligation”. The words of the president of Aifa

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“I believe that it is necessary to ask ourselves about the advisability of introducing the vaccination obligation for those who hold a public function: health workers, teachers, law enforcement agencies and other categories. We remind you that the safeguarding of the public good is also protected by article 2 of Constitution, according to which individual law cannot harm that of the community. And the vaccines we have today, in addition to protecting the individual, are highly effective in preventing infections: between 70 and 85 percent. -30 percent who also escape the vaccinated must continue to wear the mask in crowded and closed environments “. Thus Giorgio Palù, president of the Italian drug agency and member of the Technical Scientific Committee (Cts), in an interview with Corriere of the Evening. To ensure that teaching remains in attendance, it is necessary to “vaccinate the entire candidate population aged 12 and over, maintaining individual protection measures (masks, spacing, hand hygiene), adapting the air conditioning systems so that there is a change effective, increasing the means of transport and their sanitation, operating student shifts so that the classes are not too crowded. Above all, the use of the Green pass is important “, Palù affirms,” ​​the only adverse effect of mRna vaccines in minors consists of myocarditis or pericarditis, mild events that resolve within 4-5 days. They affect one out of 18,000 vaccinated males and one out of 100,000 females. In Germany, the Permanent Commission on Vaccines (Stiko), after an initial recommendation that concerned only frail adolescents, he declared a few days ago that the vaccine can be administered to all over 12 because the benefits far outweigh the re schi. As we know, it’s rare (but not impossible) for kids to get Covid, but it can undoubtedly be a vehicle for contagion. “The risk of developing a more lethal strain, stresses Palù,” is very unlikely, there is no evidence or example that vaccines can select viruses with higher pathogenicity. Delta is more contagious than Alpha (about twice as much), but it doesn’t seem to be ‘bad’ anymore. The interest of the virus is to spread as much as possible without killing the host. The lethality of Covid in fact is relatively low, around 0.2 percent in studies documenting the actual circulation of the virus. In a globalized world, inhabited by almost 8 billion people, more than herd immunity we should be concerned about the protection from the disease, which current vaccines effectively guarantee “. All over 12 because the benefits far outweigh the risks. As we know, it is rare (but not impossible) that children get Covid, but it can undoubtedly be a vehicle for contagion “

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