Covid, Zangrillo posted unvaccinated patient photo: “Treat everyone”

“Example of return to normal in intensive cardiac surgery: extracorporeal circulation and mechanical support in fulminant myocarditis in young patient Sars-CoV-2 positive, not vaccinated. #CareAll without giving the numbers”. These are the words of Alberto Zangrillo, Vice Rector of the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Milan and director of the Anesthesia and Intensive Care Department of the San Raffaele Hospital Irccs. The expert posts them on Twitter accompanying them to a photo of the patient’s bed behind the machinery. And social networks go wild.

Immediate rain of comments, from those who support the battle of the specialist – against the monopolization of media spaces with Covid bulletins and debates exclusively focused on issues related to the virus – and those who criticize him, even in a no-vax key. They range from users who invite Zangrillo not to give up to those who instead call into question the myocarditis reported after Covid vaccination (with mRna vaccines), hazarding impossible parallels: “So the vaccine causes the same complications as the virus. Perfect”, we read. in the comment.

The result is that in the evening Zangrillo also ends up among the trending topics on Twitter. Other controversies are raised regarding the use of the word normality, associated with a young patient in extracorporeal circulation. At a certain point the virologist Roberto Burioni also intervenes, reinforcing the message of the specialist: “The normality of my friend Zangrillo – he comments – is to defend with tooth and nail the lives of people in grave danger. While he fights, you vaccinate yourselves. “, concludes Burioni.


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