CPE | FIPEQ decides on an indefinite strike mandate

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(Montreal) While the workers of the CPEs who are members of unions of the Federation of Early Childhood Workers are voting on an indefinite strike mandate on Wednesday, President Valérie Grenon affirms that this fight is being waged “for the future of the network. “.

Lia Levesque
The Canadian Press

During a press conference on Wednesday morning, the president of the FIPEQ, affiliated with the CSQ, presented this indefinite strike vote on which its members will vote as a way to avoid disruption in the service network. keep.

Currently, there is a shortage of educators and a decline in enrollment in Early Childhood Education Techniques programs.

The members of the FIPEQ are, this Wednesday, in their last day of strike with the same mandate which they had endowed themselves. In the afternoon, they will therefore be called upon to vote on an indefinite strike mandate.

A possible indefinite strike mandate would not necessarily be exercised before the holidays, said Mr.me Grenon. Everything will depend on the pace of the negotiations.

Moreover, the FIPEQ is due to meet the government negotiators on Thursday, after the abrupt end of its intensive days of negotiation, last Friday evening.

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