CR7: “I left my mark, thanks to everyone”. Juve does not comment

AGI – Official “No comment” on what AGI learns from Juventus on Cristiano Ronaldo’s post published by the footballer during the night. A post that according to some sources can also be read as celebratory, referring to what has been done to date. “With these results, I have achieved a goal that I had set for myself from the first day I arrived in Italy: to win the Championship, the Cup and the Super Cup, and also to be Best Player and Top Scorer in this great football country full of formidable players. gigantic clubs and a real football culture “.

The words of the Portuguese striker

It is a long post that Cristiano Ronaldo entrusts to his Instagram profile. A post in which the Juventus champion makes his own balance of the season just ended and that the fans of the Old Lady have already begun to read against the light in view of the next one. “The life and career of any top player are made up of ups and downs”, writes CR7 in the incipit.

“In Italy nothing is easy to win”

“Year after year, we face fantastic teams, with extraordinary players and ambitious goals, so we must always give our all to keep ourselves at levels of excellence. This year we have not managed to win Serie A, congratulations to Inter for the title they deserve. But I must recognize the value of everything we have achieved this season at Juventus, both collectively and individually. The Italian Super Cup, the Italian Cup and the Serie A top scorer trophy fill me with happiness, especially for the difficulty they bring. with him, in a country where nothing is easy to win“.

Ronaldo’s post continues: “I already said that I don’t chase records, records chase me. For those who don’t understand what I mean by this, it’s very simple: football is a collective game, but it is through individual achievement that we help our teams achieve their goals. it is by looking more and more on the pitch, working more and more off the pitch, that records eventually emerge and collective titles become inevitable, some being the natural consequence of others “.

Then the list of his real personal bests: “So, I am very proud of this fact which has been widely replicated in recent days: Champion in England, Spain and Italy; Cup winner in England, Spain and Italy; Super Cup winner in England, Spain and Italy; Best player in England, Spain and Italy; Top scorer in England, Spain and Italy; Over 100 goals for a club in England, Spain and Italy “.

The conclusion: “Nothing compares to the feeling of knowing that I have made my mark in the countries where I have played and that I have given joy to the fans of the clubs I have represented. This is what I work for, this is what moves me and this it is what I will always continue to chase until the last day. Thanks to everyone who participated in this trip! Let’s stay united! ”



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