Crafton plans to “expand a strong game-based IP” in 2023 –

Crafton plans to “expand a strong game-based IP” in 2023 –

Crafton, the publisher of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Callisto, shared an outline of what gaming companies will be doing in 2023.In strategic discussion meetings with employees and in press releases, as CEO CH Kim stated, we were told Krafton will seek to be “unwavering in our ultimate vision to secure and expand a robust game-based IP”.

In addition to this, the press release shared that Krafton will also increase its publishing potential through better organizational capabilities, better systems, and investments and opportunities with second-party publishers.

In terms of what Krafton sees as the future of gaming, the company also said it would explore the areas of web3 and deep learning because “Growth in these areas cannot be guaranteed without investment, and it is worth advancing these technology verticals because they are closely related to game production technology, as Kim explained.

Finally, Crafton confirmed that PUBG will continue to be the company’s ” main priority” but these goals will all seek to help gaming companies prepare for future “Developing a deeper catalog of games ”。


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