Crisis at OM: “I hate traitors”, influential supporter Rachid Zeroual defends himself

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2023-09-21 20:19:25

At the heart of all the controversies at Olympique de Marseille since Monday evening and a stormy meeting between the supporters and the management of the Marseille club, Rachid Zeroual spoke this Thursday at the microphone of RTL. Accused of having threatened to kill the managers and the coach, Marcelino, who officially left the club this Wednesday, the leader of the South Winners firmly denies any threat. A press release could clarify this. “We are going to look at a press release relating to the dissatisfaction of our leaders,” he told RTL. Well, if I can call them leaders. And when the truth comes out, it will be up to them to take responsibility. »

Rachid Zeroual believes that the facts alleged against the leaders are “very very serious”, and that he did not attack them gratuitously. “I didn’t go headlong and straight into the wall,” he assured. The influential Marseille supporter also took the opportunity to recall all the love he has for his club. “For all those who want to throw me out: always try,” he exclaimed. I am from Marseille, I am an OM supporter, I am here to support my club. I love my club, I love my group of supporters. I hate traitors. »

On Wednesday, in La Provence, Pablo Longoria spoke at length about this affair, which had a great impact on him. “We were told: All four of you resign, otherwise it’s war,” he assured. The limits have been exceeded. In 2023, a manager of any club cannot suffer these threats. I don’t accept them. I wasn’t scared, but I was shocked, I consider it not normal. I had no right to speak. I was not the club president in this meeting. How to communicate when someone wants to prove their superiority to you? » The crisis is very real in Marseille, and the situation is likely to persist for a little while.

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