Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Remake|FF7’s True Protagonist Resurrected on Multiple Platforms in Winter

Crisis Core FF7 Remake Launches This Winter | Today (June 17) Square Enix held a Final Fantasy 7 25th anniversary online conference, FF7’s PSP prequel game “Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-” (Crisis Core-Final Fantasy VII-) Fantasy VII-, commonly referred to as CCFF7) will be remastered in HD on multiple platforms as: “Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion”.

Remastered in FF7R style, scheduled to launch on multiple platforms this winter

“Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-” is part of the FF7 Compilation Plan (Compilation of Final Fantasy VII), a prequel to FF7, launched on the PSP before 2007, mainly about the encounter between Zack and Aerith and His story as a soldier of Shinra; and Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion is an HD remake of this PSP game.

Due to the close relationship between Zack and Cloud, some people think that Zack is the “true protagonist” of FF7. Since FF7 is going to be completely remade, and Zack has also appeared in FF7 Remake, it is very reasonable that FF7 prequel Crisis Core should also be remade to complement it; maybe CCFF7R will also serve as the link between FF7 Remake and Rebirth in the plot layout. articulate.

The remake looks very close to FF7R

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Watch Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII HD remake released this winter on multiple platforms:

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More Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion images:

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The high-definition remake’s character 3D models, backgrounds, and interface have all been recreated, and the beautiful world depicted in high-resolution brings a more immersive story; the picture doesn’t look much different from the FF7 remake. The system focuses on a refreshing combat experience. It should adopt the same real-time action + command combat form as FF7R, and also retain the classic “slot machine” system (DMW), and the battle will be based on the number transferred from the slot machine. Different effects will be obtained.

The platform is different from FF7 Rebirth. This work is not exclusive to PS5. In addition to PS5, it will also be launched on PS4, Xbox, Switch and Steam.

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