Cristoforetti commander of the Space Station, astronaut Guidoni: “recognition for work done”

“I am very happy for Samantha Cristoforetti”, who will be the first European woman in command of the International Space Station (ISS) on the occasion of Expedition 68 scheduled for 2022. “It is a great opportunity for Cristoforetti and a recognition for the work done by more 10 years since he began his career as an astronaut. I wish him great for this challenge. ” This was stated at Adnkronos by the Italian astronaut and astrophysicist Umberto Guidoni who in the past participated in two NASA missions aboard the Space Shuttle.

This decision, Guidoni underlines, “is also a recognition of the work done by Europe. Europe’s role in human flights began with a little delay compared to the United States and Russia, but it is now a partner in all the effects of the ISS “. Also for Italy, he adds, “it is a recognition of the leading role that our country has within the EU. After Luca Parmitano who was the first Italian in command of the ISS, now there is also Cristoforetti” .

All this, underlines the astronaut Guidoni, “goes in the direction of relaunching space as a central theme of Europe and the European community. With Galileo, Sentinel space is now central to European life”.

‘Samantha will arrive at the ISS in a transitional phase, not only research will soon also arrive tourists’

Cristoforetti, Guidoni underlines, will arrive at a moment of transition from the ISS. “The international space station – notes the astronaut – is about to go through a transition phase. Things are about to change. In the last 20 years the space station has been mainly dedicated to scientific research. Now since the end of the year and since the beginning of next year, just when Cristoforetti will be there, tourists could arrive at the station for the first time and perhaps even directors who will make films. We are entering a transition phase also in the way in which we will occupy the space in the future. the space will soon be not only for research but also for hiking “.

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It is a “positive change” but, explains Guidoni, “it will be necessary to keep the private touristic aspect distinct from the institutional one and of research and technological development. Now we have only one space station but it is conceivable that in the future there will be more than one even perhaps a private one “. Now, he concludes, “space is more within reach. The technology sector has reached its maturity as it did for aviation 100 years ago. We are moving in this direction, space is now closer to our planet”.


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