“The situation in the hospital is quite critical. We are seeing an increase in hospitalizations. In particular, this night we had many admissions, about twenty patients. The numbers are increasing. And intensive care, as far as Covid patients are concerned, is also saturated. . We have 69 dedicated beds and they are all full, but in any case the situation is manageable “. To make the picture at time.news Salute is Andrea Cambieri, health director of the Gemelli Polyclinic, after the increase in hospitalizations linked to the pandemic in the capital.

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In addition to the numbers linked to the pandemic, however, “we also have another problem – adds the medical director – because, unlike the two previous waves, in this one, the flow of hospitalizations, not Covid, from the emergency room, has not stopped due to nothing and indeed, in recent days, has undergone a significant increase, at least in our center, both in patients who arrive brought by the public ambulances of 118 and, and above all, in patients who arrive alone in a private ambulance and more. it is very complex. We have had moments of overflow, in the reception area at the emergency room. And difficulties in placing the beds “.

“It is a situation that evolves over the hours, while when I left the hospital, the situation was more under control, this morning we have to redo the point. In any case it is a moment of great attention on the whole network. And therefore also for us “, concluded Cambieri.

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